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Sports flooring Series

CN-S04 new type SPU crystal basketball court flooring

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  • CN-S04 new type SPU crystal basketball court flooring

    About crystal basketball court

    Innovation leading;Beyond the classic

    Melt the charm of the crystal and SPU in one of the outstanding, professional sports and functional decoration into a new generation of flexib le stadium materials.

    • 1·Original transparent water surface layer, high strength surface protection system is more excellent

    • 2·First colorful crystal wear-resisting layer, wear better, more outstanding visual

    • Sand color patent structure, subvert the traditional, highlight the charm of crystal

    • The whole stadium will support, playing the upper hard lower elastic structure to extreme.

    • 3·The lining layer under the crystal wear-resisting layer,solve the trouble of marking is easy to wear.

    • 4·The background layer under the wear-resisting layer, won’t be worn, color will be more durable. Against UV effectively, giving the stadium higher and more stable weather resistance and discolour resistance characteristic.

    • 5·Strength of 6Mpa rubber rebound layer, the challenge of elastic material limit

    • 6·The construction process is more excellent, more stable adhesion

    • 7·Excellent permeable primer, stable and effective.

    Excellent performance

    Performance advantage

    Breaking the limits of traditional basketball court

    1·More professional

    Professional flexibility, excellent security protection.

    2·More durable

    High ductility, excellent wear resistance, decorative floor function

    3·More environmental protection

    High standards of environmental protection, indoor and outdoor can be laid

    4·More beautiful

    The original creation of sand color structure , break the bottleneck of “ red green and blue

    5·visual.More effective

    Mixed function, active site "one place too many uses" is the "golden choice" for building;

    The Product Structure



    Professional certification


    "China Environmental Labeling" certification products

    Build "green campus" confidence guarantee The official certification mark of China's most authoritative green environmental protection products

    It’s green display of the whole process, from the development,raw materials, production, use, to the waste disposal.Only have the belief of building "green campus"Can be strictly use the environmental health requirements as the standard, Environmental quality achievement


    Project Case

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