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Color Crystal Anti Slip Road Flooring

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CN-C05 Color Crystal Anti Slip Road Flooring

About Color Crystal Anti Slip Road Flooring

New color crystalline aggregate, the interpretation of long-lasting charm

After the high temperature crystallization and high-tech synthetic coloring technology , the crystal aggregate’s hardness beyond the general ceramic and gravel.

As the inner transparent, when the upper chromatography by external factors is worn, other aspects of color reflect by transparent crystal particle refractive matrix structure , so as to ensure the aggregate of bright color,beyond the traditional colored aggregate which easily matte, fade

Specially designed for anti slip pavement modified MMA resin, excellent performance

Modified MMA (methyl methacrylate) resin is a new type of aerospace grade resin material, which is made up of the technology for luxury yacht and artificial stone.

The variable temperature limit from - 40 to + 80 ℃ , the impact strength is more than 5kj/ ㎡ , the tensile strength reached more than 20MPa, the performance is not epoxy, vinyl resin can be compared, it's more durable.

Excellent performance of Anti Slip Road Flooring

The best choice for the safety and anti-slip system of the ramp

High efficiency non slip check, colorful warning

Maximum non slip BPN value of 120 or more, effectively ensure that the vehicle can run up and down on the ramp safely in the slope of less than 30 degrees , easy to produce a permanent warning icon, text with the aggregate.


Micro channel structure, no water, icing on the slope

Reasonable micro channel structure, effective destruction of water accumulation and icing on the slope, so that the slope has a safe drying line, so as to avoid freezing cold climate, water or icing surface constitute the hidden danger of car tire slip.


Accelerated curing, does not affect the regular service

Adjustable resin curing speed, to ensure the performance of the resin at the same time, according to the climate conditions to adjust the dosage of the accelerating agent, can provide the working surface in a short time, so as not to affect the use of the ramp.


Easily realize micro vibration warning

Through a variety of simple construction method of laying aggregate, can be formed with the micro vibration performance of the non-slip slope, both to achieve vibration warning, while reducing the damage of the vehicle core components for the severe vibration.


The Product Structure



Detailed specification of product

Performance Advantages for physical properties

Temperature resistance variation


Resin adhesion strength 


Resin tensile strength


Impact strength


Skid resistance(BPN)

≥70according to aggregate diameter

Aggregate    hardness

≥6Moh’s hardness

Fastest cure time


The fastest time to use


Project Case

Scope of application

Ø  Road pavement

Ø  Bus station

Ø  Parking ramp

Ø  Bicycle passage

Ø  Wharf

Ø  Zebra crossing



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